Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thai Accent @ Vivocity

I quite like the food here - Thai Accent, #02-145. I had the tom yum last time and liked it.

It's quite affordable and it's usually not crowded or noisy so it's quite a nice respite.

I started with their spicy and tangy tom yum soup (SGD9.90). Very spicy, my tastebuds are still tingling!

I ordered green chicken curry (SGD12.90), and then decided to eat it with thin kway teow instead of rice.

See, I made my own Khanom Jin (which is type of traditional thai rice noodle dish eaten with one's choice of curry).

It was really quite a spicy meal, so although I was already quite stuffed, I decided to have a red rubies dessert (SGD4.90). It was creamy, sweet, and cold, just the thing to soothe my palate. The ingredients were very generous, with slices of jackfruit and lots of water chestnuts in green and red tapioca jelly.

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