Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tung Lok Signatures @ Vivocity & MISC

No interesting meals lately.

All my meals have been quick, quick packed lunch-types. No money, no time for nice long luxurious lunches.


The last time I had a nice lunch was so long ago!

I remember it vividly... like a memorable occasion which has to date not been repeated.

DH was on leave, and decided to bring Cutie to join me for lunch at Vivocity. When Cutie saw me across the shopping mall... he SQUEALED so loudly and ran towards me with abandon, and flung his arms around me. So adorable.

We went to Tung Lok Signatures Restaurant (#01-57, Vivocity) and ordered the set lunch which costs about SGD50 or SGD60 per person.

Crab roe sharks' fin soup. It was very heartcloggingly rich. You can taste the rich, thick, gluey-ness of the soup with every sip. Yummy. Not for the faint-hearted.

Lobster in shell served with peppercorn cream sauce. This dish was a bit fusion-type. I wouldn't be surprised if they served me this in an Italian restaurant. It was very good as the lobster flesh was succulent and sweet. The cream sauce was aromatic and light and not too cloying on the palate.


Engrossed in the performance, but still keeping his mouth busy!

We were all told to come dressed in red and be seated by 430 pm. Fortunately, it was very cool, very nice weather.

Do you notice the resemblance between my 2 cuties?

I like this photo a lot. They both look very adorable. If only baby Cutie would keep his sunglasses on, then it would be such a funny shot.

I don't know whether Cutie enjoyed the performance more or the snacking more.

Almost every picture captured my Cutie eating something! And do you notice, how his posture has moved from sitting upright to slouching? He looks very comfortable, like he's watching TV at home!

Well, at the end of the performance, we all felt very patriotic. It's lovely to see how far Singapore has come, and I think this year's celebrations were very well-organised.


There is no purpose in buying expensive toys for children, you know. No purpose at all.

Since children always: (1) tire of the new toy almost immediately after receiving it or (b) prefer the cheaper toy.

Cutie's current favourite toy is his father's shoes.

Everytime DH comes home from work, Cutie would rush to wear his shoes.

Or, if unavailable, he would wear DB's shoes (ie Cutie's Jiu Jiu's shoes). And try to walk around the house.

So unhygenic and dirty! I should stop him right?

But, he is so happy!!


Barista said...

Nice food & omg, that really left me salivalating!!! Was thinking of getting those whom are free out for a dinner but I'm just a nobody so "calling" power no good. Lolx, anyway i'll try to ask if anyone is free and I'll let u know? Was thinking of getting a dinner at Hachi Japanese restaurant or @ Chef Ronnie's of Tatsuya @ Crown Park Hotel.

Cute kid you have but i'm more happy just to see other people's kids. The thought of having my own kid just scares me, lolx but anyway that's another story for another time long to come! ^^

Chocolate Reindeer said...

B: ooh, that would be nice. I have never been to either place, so I would be up for it... Thanks, Cutie brings joy to my life... and I would definitely say that my life has changed alot!