Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tiong Bahru Chwee Kueh @ Bedok Interchange

One of the inexplicable oddities of Singapore hawkers is that they like to name their stalls after locations where the stall is NOT located - Rochor Beancurd in Serangoon, Blanco Court kway chap in Old Airport Road etc. (ok, it's actually not that inexplicable, I am told that it is because the stall is named after its PREVIOUS location).

And so we have Tiong Bahru Chwee Kueh in Bedok.

Luscious cakes of steamed rice flour topped with crunchy, savoury preserved radish. The topping is not too finely minced, so there is some interesting texture. This is a perfect combination.

This is the more traditional way of serving chwee kueh (compared to the other stall that I patronise which adds more fusion-type ingredients like sesame seeds).

I remember I used to have a colleague whose mom hand-made these delicious things. He brought them to the office for me once, and it had meat-filling inside!! That was awesome!

This morning's breakfast was kindly bought and delivered by YS, who even considerately had the topping and chili packed in separate containers (at an additional cost too!). Thanks YS! A chwee kueh breakfast on a rainy morning just warms my heart and my tummy.

Look, I think Mr K likes it too. Local breakfasts, so common to most of us, are probably something of a Fear Factor thing for Mr K (alright, I exaggerate!). After all, we Asians eat everything, so who knows what goes into these things right?

PS. the photo is deliberately overexposed to protect Mr K's identity. If you can tell who Mr K is, drop me a note, and I will have to find other ways of concealing his true persona.

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