Saturday, September 01, 2007

Osaka Gastronomy Part 3

The day before we left Osaka, we asked the hotel concierge for recommendations on where we could get good okonomiyaki (Osaka is where okonomiyaki originated, after all!).

So we arrived at Yukari, a popular okonomiyaki restaurant.

We ordered 3 of their specialities, which they promplty cooked for us on the hotplates in front of us.

LEFT: seafood okonomiyaki with prawns and scallops.
MIDDLE: okonomiyaki with spring onions and an egg in the centre.
RIGHT: okonomiyaki with mentaiko seasoning and grated wild mountain yam.
MIL and I both liked the one on the right best. Texture wise, all were about the same, but the mentaiko added a twist to the flavour of the okonomiyaki, and the wild mountain yam (aka wai san) had an interesting crunchy yet slippery texture, which added a unique dimension to this dish.
We later walked down the street and had huge ice cream cones each. DH had a double scoop of macha!


D said...

Wow.. I'm such a mentaiko fan that I reckon anything with it is good. I had mentaiko on buttered toast once and it was delicious!

Keropok Man said...

my sis would love that so much! she just loves okonomiyaki.

i think i would like the one in the middle!

p/s yeah, nice meeting you on the floggers nite too :-)

Weylin said...

Viv, you blog with a 2 year old And you can be bothered to remember details about other bloggers. You are my hero, my superwoman promise of a fun tomorrow.

Chocolate Reindeer said...

D: Yes, I agree. Mentaiko has such a deliciously interesting taste and texture.

Keropok Man: You and your sis should visit Japan for authentic okonomiyaki!

Weylin: Thanks for your kind words. Do visit this blog sometime! I of course, will continue reading yours for inspiration.

Carmina said...

Great blog; happy I found you!very informative and great photography!