Monday, August 20, 2007

Marche @ level 3 Vivocity

It is a nice place for a quick lunch, especially since it is just opposite the gym.
However I do think its food is overpriced. The tomato soup, although tangy and tasty, cost SGD3.90, which I really do not think is justified.
This is a savoury crepe (SGD7.90 to SGD8.50). If you try this, I would suggest you go for the ham and cheese, or the ham and mushrooms. I tried both and found them pretty good. However, I once tried the smoked salmon and spinach one, and found it too fishy and therefore unfresh. It isn't that well-patronised compared to the other food outlets in Vivocity, given that it is tucked in a more obscure corner of the 3rd floor. I would thus say that the turnover of its food may not be as quick as it ought to be.

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