Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Roland Restaurant @ East Coast

Roland is a restaurant whose prices and decor are still set in the 1980s. Red fabric covered chairs, middle-aged aunties who serve you with nary a smile, classic dishes like veg in crispy yam basket and desserts like Orh nee (sweet yam paste).

Coffee pork ribs (SGD12.80 per serving). It was thick and meaty, a carnivorous neanderthal's delight (read: DH's favourite). The gravy was sweet and sticky with a hint of bitter coffee. One of the best pork ribs I've ever eaten.

Steamed Home-made Tofu with Spinach and Gingko Nuts (SGD8.80). We order tofu whenever we eat out with Baby so that he gets to try some of our food too. This tofu was excellent. Soft and wobbly and smooth. Tastes definitely home-made.
Braised Seafood Claypot (SGD18.80 for each individual serving). This contained deer tendon, a slice of abalone, fish maw, scallop, mushroom and broccoli. It was rich and savoury and really good.
Now, this is what we really came here for. Crab Bee Hoon, soupy version (SGD35). This creamy milky broth is like the fish head bee hoon one gets, but it is much sweeter and more flavourful because of the whole crab that it is cooked in. Ginger slices and spring onions help to make this a warm, comforting meal. Slurpiliciously good.

And again, a very affordable meal.

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