Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dragon Bird's Nest @ Vivocity

Ah Ma has been cooking bird's nest in the house for a relative who has been unwell. So every Sunday, there'd be the aroma of bird's nest wafting through the kitchen... but... of course I don't get to eat any.

Then when DS innocently informs me that, DBiL's family cooks bird's nest soup almost weekly, and as a frequent guest, she has been consuming bucketloads of bird's nest... I decided that I really had to satisfy this bird's nest craving.

Dragon Bird's Nest @ Vivocity #01- serves different types of bird's nest soup for between SGD5.80 to SGD23.80. This one costs SGD5.80 and came in a delicate heartshaped porcelain cup. One can't expect a lot of bird's nest for this price, but what little there was, was very good. Sweet and refreshing, with firm strands of bird's nest.

One can also buy the bird's nest in pre-packaged bottles of 6.

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D said...

On an unrelated topic, I just came back from lunch at Sushi-Tei (first time!) and honestly, I think they're pretty ok when you put the prices and variety into perspective, of course food snobs will probably cry "sacrilege". Actually, I wanted to go to Aburiya at Holland V but they were closed, so I went to Raku and they were closed too. That's how I ended up at Sushi-tei, which I read about on your blog as well. =D Interesting thing was, there were actually more Japanese expats than locals there.