Monday, April 02, 2007

Werner's Oven @ Upper East Coast Road

Werner's Oven has been around for quite a while. It serves hearty German fare, in a little cosy setting, without any frills or stuffy waiters. Recently they refurbished the place, so it's more spacious and airy. They also have their own parking space in front of the eatery, so it's quite convenient.

This is the pan-fried camembert with cranberry sauce (SGD8) . Crispy crust of breadcrumbs and all melty on the inside, it was quite a delight to eat. The cranberry sauce was slightly tart, which provided a good accompaniment to the cheese.

DH's main of farmer sausage with saurkraut and potato salad (SGD18.50). I think it has lost a bit of its edge, sadly. The sausage was not as spicy or snappy as it used to be which probably means more filler ingredients like flour? The potato salad used to be better too, with hard boiled eggs, potato and green apple. They omitted the eggs here. Wonder why, eggs aren't expensive.

My main of pork knuckle with saurkraut and mashed potato (SGD19.50), however, was as good as ever. The large and meaty chunk of knuckle was crispy all over, not a bit too hard or too charred. PERFECT. There were lots of gelatinous bits between the skin and meat, providing me with lots of chewing pleasure (stop saying it's fat ok, it's cartilage!). The saurkraut was just right, although I found quite a lot of bacon bits in it, rendering it as unhealthy as my pork knuckle. The mashed potato was smooth and creamy, thereby evidencing the addition of a healthy amount of cream and butter.

NOT the healthiest of meals, I would admit.


DS said...

Think DH's sausage was a little measly / miserable... definitely not filling enough for me!! :)

D said...

I've been here before, their logo is that giant pretzel heh. The camembert (pan-fried? I always thought it was deepfried) is indeed tasty. I thought the knuckle was rather small though, but I ordered it as part of the meat platter for two so I'm not sure if they decreased the portion. Btw the meal at is 250sgd inclusive of sake. Their sakes are very reasonably priced, that 300ml bottle of hakushika was only about 20odd dollars.

Zen said...

ds: yes, it wouldn't have been enough for me either, and, it's only 1 dollar cheaper than my knuckle so the knuckle is far better value IMHO.

D: oh yes! that's right. And they actually have a german bakery next door selling pretzels and other baked goods! hmmm, the cheese might have been deepfried - argh, my arteries are protesting. I've tried the platter once (SGD78)but I can't remember whether the knucke was the same size. Oh, 250 inclusive of sake is very good value indeed. But everytime we wander over there, we end up at Nanjya Monjya. You should try it, D.

D said...

I know, I've seen it and it's put on file. The teppanyaki looks fun. Maybe I'm not a fan of seafood or raw food that much but I still preferred Kuriya's kaiseki variations over Nagae's.

Samantha said...

I wouldn't know which to eat first. They all look so beautiful.