Friday, February 16, 2007

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall

I enjoy Thai food a lot. I think it makes good use of spices in its cooking, and one can usually taste a burst of flavours on one's palate when eating Thai food - hot, sour, spicy, sweet.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine (Tanglin Mall, 3rd Floor) has a good selection of very good Thai desserts - dessert buffet for SGD7, and also serves very good authentic Thai dishes.

DH and I used to frequent the branch at Raffles City, but since a very embarrassing incident which occurred sometime back, DH and I have never returned to that place.

I happened to be at Tanglin Mall during lunch, and found that Patara Fine Thai Cuisine wasn't at all crowded, and was a good place to have a tranquil quiet lunch for one.

I ordered the tom yam kung (SGD12), which was very good. Tart, spicy and chockful of fresh seafood. There was squid, cod, prawns, all very tasty. It wasn't too sour, wasn't too spicy. There was a slight hint of lemongrass, which was delicious. I drank up every drop.

Then I had the pad thai woon sen (SGD18), thai fried noodles with transluscent mung bean noodles (known locally as tung hoon). One can also choose to have traditional pad thai with thin rice noodles. It was a large portion, which can be shared between 2 or 3. It was very well fried with a wok-fragrance that comes with good control of the fire.

The dessert buffet (SGD7) was extensive. I chose my favourites - the mango sticky rice, steamed sweet tapioca drizzled with coconut milk, and pandan pudding. All were very good. I later also had a serving of Thai red rubies, made of waterchestnuts in coconut milk.

I was almost too full to walk out.

Now that I have found a nice quiet respite in Orchard Road, I think I will be going back quite often.


D said...

"I was almost too full to walk out." I can imagine! Haha. Anyway, have an excellent Lunar New Year!

Zen said...

D, haha yes. I experience that feeling quite often actually! You have a good new year too. Hope you are enjoying your Thailand trip!