Friday, December 15, 2006

HK Kim Gary Cafe @ Vivocity

With so many Hong Kong Tea Cafes proliferating in the past few months, I was naturally very curious to see what HK Kim Gary Cafe (Vivocity, #02-128) had to offer.

Oddly, they did not offer anything that I would associate with Hong Kong food - no wanton noodles, no dumplings, no dim sum.

Instead, it seemed to be, at best, a Hong Kong rendition of western style cuisine - like baked rice, spaghetti, pork chops.

They recommended the baked rice as a specialty of the Cafe. So we all ordered the steak baked rice set (SGD9.90) - which came with a choice of soup (cream or borsch) and drink (tea, coffee, almond tea etc. Other drinks came at a surcharge).

The borsch soup, was nothing like Russian borsch soup which contains beef, vegetables, and derives its reddish hue primarily from beetroot. No beetroot in sight here. It was more a tomato vegetable soup, with a sweet tangy taste. Not bad, but not borsch.

The steak baked rice consisted of 2 pieces of well done meat, tomato flavoured rice, all slathered with a creamy cheese. Not sure if it was really baked, since it came in a little wooden steamer which surely would have been more appropriate for steaming rather than baking.

Finally, dessert. Toast with peanut butter and condensed milk (SGD1.80). Another specialty, so I was told. I liked it, it was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It satisfied my sweet tooth.

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