Monday, July 25, 2011

Old Airport Road Food Centre

I'll let you in on a secret.

DH and I, we have a lunch date once a week. We drop off the kids for their chinese class at 1.30 pm, and only need to pick them up at 3pm. We have a late lunch at the nearby hawker centre.

And it has been sooo good. Luckily for us, this hawker centre is famous for its gastronomic delights.

In fact I havent finished indulging in all of them yet.

This one is my favourite, chee cheong fun with your choice of filling - mushroom, charsiew or prawn. Just last week, I chose all 3, and it made for a filling lunch (haha, pun intended).

Doesnt look like much, but it is super delicious.

This one was famous, but I didnt quite like it, it was too dry and didnt come with the sambal chili that I have come to associate fried prawn mee with.

In other news, Cutie had a school performance and he was great.

And Sweetie is now officially a teenager because she has discovered make-up.

have a good week my friends!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Royal Carribbean Cruise

We thought a cruise might not be a bad idea for kids and old folks.

Royal Carribbean seemed expensive, but heard decent reviews so we gave it a try.

Foodwise, there was a decent variety. A commonroom buffet restaurant and a nice sit down dinner room.

Sleeping arrangements were also good enough. There was a sofa pull out big enough for 2 kids.

we got to go on a day trip to Phuket.

We got to have fresh coconut juice.

Sweetie was not too impressed by it.

We sat at the balcony on the balmy evenings.

Sweetie liked hanging out on the balcony too.

We got to do some shopping at the Duty free shops.

Boys enjoyed shopping too.

For sweetie, the highlight was drinking the little cups of milk in the fridge every night.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Seoul Garden Hot Pot @ HarbourFront Centre

Had a team lunch here, and it was really not bad. Quite affordable, lunch sets were around $10 or perhaps slightly more if you add in dessert and a drink.

Here is my kimchi seafood pot. It comes with korean tang hoon (glass noodles) inside so its really filling. I didnt eat much of my rice. Top up about $3 for korean banchan (side dishes) like pickles.

This really refreshing korean ginseng drink with red dates costs only $3.90 and it tastes good. Healthy too.

Spent the weekend with batman and princess aurora.

we also went to Ryan's 6th party. Cutie totally had fun.

Sweetie too.

Check out the Angry Birds cake! So cute!