Thursday, June 07, 2007

Au Jardin Les Amis

For a quiet, unintrusive lunch with a lovely view, I would recommend that you come to Au Jardin Les Amis in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Housed in a charming black and white colonial bungalow, Au Jardin Les Amis offers a cool respite in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Au Jardin only serves lunch on Fridays and Sundays (dinner is served everyday), so I would suggest that you make a reservation. The set lunch was SGD45 for 4 courses, with at least 2 options for each course.

The amuse bouche was an interesting medley of tastes and textures. The top was a creamy foam and the bottom was caramelised onions. It was a great start, and I eagerly anticipated the next course.

My starter of mushroom with black truffles and cheese shavings was sublime. The mushroom was earthy, meaty, fragrant, and paired really well with the aged cheese.

We all had the main of wagyu beef - braised wagyu cheek and seared wagyu beef. Served with crisp potato patty and grilled baby corn, it was just right. Every mouthful was a delightful burst of flavour and texture, sending me into pure transcendental bliss. I have to add that we also had a bottle of very fine French wine (circa 1992) with this so you can just imagine how this meal was elevated from sublime to unbelievable.
My dessert of chocolate mousse, served in a martini glass was a multi layered affair with creamy white chocolate foam on top, sprinkled with chocolate flakes, and thick dark chocolate at the bottom.

The pear millefeuille that KP had looked and tasted great too.

My usual chamomile tea, with the petit fours that they serve.

I love caneles.

I would give this place extra points for great service - it is polite, discreet, always obliging (honey for my tea, extra caneles for my sweet tooth).


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